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Welcome to the website of Casey Calouette! Science Fiction Author, Engineer, and purveyor of fine technology. My books are below, while my blog can be found here, or on your upper right.



DogForge is coming Soon! Early October Release



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A Military Science Fiction Survival Story.

When a planetary invasion goes wrong William Grace is left with nothing but his own wits and the will to survive. Plus a few hardcore Marines to help finish out the mission. Ground combat and realistic space combat round it all out.



Free Sample!

The Invasion begins.

William Grace has a new posting as the XO under a Captain who despises him. A bit of mutiny and a whole lot of invasion. The United Colonies are slipping into war.




A full scale assault smashes the borders.

The United Colonies must pull back, and abandon colonies on the edge. It is a Star Too far. William Grace, born off Earth, is given a ship and sent away from the war. Mistrust, fear, and a ship that will disassemble itself head off on a routine mission. But the war finds him, and loyalties are tested.