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Commands Ops : Battles for the Bulge : Capturing St. Vith

Our troops are now firmly locked into the city of Saint Vith. Unfortunately the Germans are too!

We have a company of Tiger II’s, the 501st, the 9th Company of the 2nd SS, a Luftwaffe Flak Company, and a few other questionable units. It’s still dark and I’m not entirely sure about what is lurking.This is […]

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Command Ops : Battles for the Bulge : Assault on Saint Vith

Our final objective is in sight, and hopefully we can continue our momentum and drive right into the heart of Saint Vith before the Germans can dig in. We currently hold three objectives, Steinbruck Crossing, Lommersweiler, and Breitfield. Lommersweiler is proving contentious as it’s only held by support elements and some worn out anti-tank guns. […]

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Command Ops : Battles for the Bulge : Lommersweiler

The frigid night air sets into the Our river valley and chills the troops to the bone. They’ve endured so much just securing the bridge. The Volksgrenadiers fought tenaciously and almost snubbed the advance. Almost. Now the rumbling of Detroit born diesels echos through the air as the Fourth Armored Division rolls into place. 

When we […]

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Command Ops : Battles for the Bulge : The Assault on Steinebruck Bridge

To really appreciate the bridge at Steinebruck you need to head over to Google Maps and check it out. Not just as the map, but in street view. The immensity of the hills around that bridge don’t do the map justice. Check out this link and browse around, this would have been a very intimidating […]

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Command Ops : Battles for the Bulge – Let’s Play Part 1

For my first Let’s Play I’m going to work through the tutorial campaign : Return to St. Vith. The scenario takes place on January 5th, 1945. You can read about the previous engagements here. I’ll be following the recommended settings as the Allies.

Opposing me will be elements of the 12th Volksgrenadier Division. Considered one of the […]

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Command Ops : Battles for the Bulge – Lets Play?

I’ve been enjoying some Lets Play Archives lately, particularly for War in the East. Though I’ve found a few really good ones for Command Ops too. The game really lends itself to a great Lets Play, there’s a ton of stuff going on, there’s a lot of variety, and an opportunity to wrap it into […]

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Steel Breach – The Next Series

I’m changing focus and stepping away from the current piece I’m working on. It hit a point that I didn’t like writing it. It felt like a sitcom. I don’t like sitcoms. So I did what I usually do and went for a long hike and thought about it.

I like to write what I like to read. Stories about amazing individuals in amazing places doing amazing things. This could be Louis Zamperini in Unbroken, Guy Sajer in The Forgotten Soldier, or Douglas Mawson. Shackleton, Heinlein, and Hemingway pave the way with hints of Clancy. I like seeing what the worst can do to men, I like writing that kind of story.


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Horizons and a Diversion

Writing is an interesting thing to do. There’s this image that a writer just hammers words down, piles it onto an editor, and then lavishes in praise and wealth. Welp. Not unless you’re Hemingway. The biggest, number one, most important thing, is what to write. You can write an amazing story, but if no one […]

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DogForge is coming…

Find yourself an easy chair, a fine beverage, and a sledgehammer. DogForge is coming.

I’m putting the finishing touches on the manuscript and writing the copy to go with it. This is things like the blurb (think back cover) and picking keywords. On top of that I’m exploring some promotional stuff. As usual my newsletter subscribers […]

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