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Steel Breach


Edge of Redemption

Edge of Solace

Trial by Ice

Steel Legion Star Map – The Vasilov Protectorate

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BIG BIG – Writing Massive Science Fiction

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Still Writing!

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Steel Storm, Sequel to Steel Breach

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Steel Breach Sequel

I’ve had a lot of you contact me in regards to a sequel and yes, there will be one.

I’m currently 7k words into the story. There was a few revisions that came to mind early, so I adjusted the story. (Much easier to do before it’s written!)

My plan for this story line isn’t a trilogy, […]

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Armored Charge

An M4 Sherman I saw at the Spooner Wisconsin Rodeo Parade. An amazing vehicle.
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Steel Breach

A battalion of convicts…
Fifty second hand armored vehicles…
A desperate scramble to hold the line…

The Vasilov Worlds are on the edge of Human space. They have fought a war for 35 years against the insectoid Kadan that they have no intention of ending. It’s too essential to a society where the only social movement is via […]

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Novel Cover Art : How I learned to love the premade

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Amazing Day of Prose

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Steel Breach : 65% Complete

Its been awhile since I posted an update, I apologize for the delay.

I’ve been wrapped up in a pretty wicked winter so far. Which has made some great inspiration for my current novel. See the graphic above, yup, new cover! Right now the writing is going great and the remainder of the book should be […]

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