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The Terran Union and the alien Qin have been at war for over twenty years. Neither the Terran armies nor the Qin space fleet have been able to break the stalemate. But now the biggest offensive in human history is about to unfold. In the Summer System, 50 Million soldiers and an armada of warships have gathered to take back the first human planet that fell to the Qin.

Leading the way are Captain Gavin McCloud’s 5th Rangers. Tasked with finding and destroying a key orbital defense battery, his elite soldiers expect an easy task. For McCloud, it is more than that. It is about revenge for his murdered mother and enslaved siblings, taken by the Qin years ago. When they find the battery defended by humans instead of Qin, Captain McCloud must face an enemy he never expected.


Release Schedule

* Silent Star – March 2016
* Steel Strike – July 2016
* YA Scifi – October 2016
* Fallen Eagle – January 2017

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